Aleksandar Kashtanov Orchestra
"Bubamara Brass Band"
Director Aleksandar Kashtanov +79036622776. Russia, Moscow
Tour manager Marko Kasumovic +381621052890 (watsapp)
Technical Rider
  • vocal + bass drum (1)
  • alto-saxophone (1)
  • trumpet (1-3)*
  • baritone-horn/trombone (1-3)*
  • tuba/helicon (1)
  • snare drum (1)
  • accordion (1)
Wireless sound (requires radio system including microphones):
1 mic for saxophone
1-3 mic for trumpets*
1-3 mic for baritones*
1 mic for snare drum
2 mic for bass drum (one for bass, second for tambourine) (it's fixed staff - so you can connect the wires)
1 mic for tuba
1 headset for vocals (or radio-mic on stand) + 1 radio-mic on stand for back voc
2 radio-system for accordion (2 jack in)
Wired sound (if you have not wireless):
4-8 XLR for brass (we have own mic-clip)*
2 mic for vocal (wire or radio) with the stand.
Dibox for accordion (2 jack in).
2 mic for the bass drum. (one for bass, the second for tambourine)
1 mic for snare drum

* the amount of instruments depends from event band
Acoustic system:
3-4 separated monitor lines, 4-6 monitors on stage.
active acoustic system, mixing console, all cables (jack, xlr, power) required for switching equipment.
Sound engineer, stage technician, monitor stage engineer
Necessary instruments and equipment:
Bass Drum (from drum kit) + tambourine clamp (or cymbal stand). X-keyboard stand for bass drum. drum chair. **

Snare drum 4,5/5,0/5,5 inches with a new drumhead (Remo Ambassador or equal). High snare drum stand for playing in standing position (mix of a cymbal stand basement and a higher part of snare drum stand). Two tom-toms 10 & 12 inches wide and maximum 7 inches deep. Tom-toms stand (mix of a cymbal stand basement and a tom holder), this stand must be that high to be able to hold the tom-toms 20 cm higher then the snare drum. Two cymbal stands. **

Tuba-B (or Helicon) **

Baritone (or tenor) horn **

Accordion (Bugari, Scandalli, Pigini, Borsini, Ballone Burini , Roland Fr-5/7
32 to 41 keys, 2000+ year of manufacture. Preferable with mics installed.)

** instruments must be in good working condition, semi-prof or prof level.
*** on the open stage in a FROST we not use own mic-cpils!
**** 20 (minimum 10) slender young, beautiful girls on stage to decorate the stage! :)))
Sound Check (Attention!):
Minimum soundcheck time – 1-2 hour for SOLO concert. In all other cases - only LINEcheck 15 minutes.

The organizers must (not later than the day before the event) inform the head of the orchestra of the contact phone number of the sound engineer of the stage.

Our concert program - 1 hour. In 1 set or 2 sets (with breaks no longer than 30 minutes).

During the performance, DISABLE ALL the SMOKE MACHINES on stage!
- in winter the heating gun on the scene (a must!)
- in the rainy season – we need roof (the orchestra is not performing in the rain)
Aleksandar Kashtanov
Founder, art and concert Director, Russia, Moscow
+7(903)66 22 776 (Russia)

* Phone only for the organization of concerts and cooperation.
** All negotiations are conducted in writing.
Marko Kasumovic
co-manager, Serbia
+7(925) 553 30 17 (Russia)
+381 62 1052 890 (Serbia)
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