Director Aleksandar Kashtanov +79036622776. Russia, Moscow
Tour manager Marko Kasumovic +381621052890 (watsapp)
Hospitality Rider
The orchestra:
- Band 4-11 people (males, 1 female)
- Extended: dancers (1-3 female)
Transport between the cities / countries:
Flights: economy class (with food)
Train: seats side by side
Bus (between the cities): comfortable 7-18 seated bus with air conditioning system and with the baggage compartment.
Transport around the city:
A minibus or one (two or three) cars for all the time the band stays in the city are required.
The hotel shall be the quality of a *(3 to 4 Star hotel). From 2 to 5 double rooms. Hotel and Room Amenities must include the following:
- Iron and Ironing board
- Hair Dryer
Mobile communication:
1 local SIM card with a balance, sufficient for local calls (for communication with the organizers, drivers, etc.)
Dressing Room:
One (1) private dressing room with air conditioning and heating and a/c power outlets, tables and chairs.
Purchaser should provide in the backstage dressing room*:
bottles of water (not cold, non-carbonated), tea (black, green), coffee, and sandwiches, fruits, chocolate, vegetables.
*in sufficient quantity for the whole band and for the full duration of the stay on the stage area.
- Three (3) meals per day for the band (no fast food) for the full duration of the stay. (Or Equivalent Cash fund to provide same via room service or take out at hotel).
50% prepayment are required. Tickets should be sent for the band manager in advance. All flights must be approved in advance of purchase. And payment of visas and medical insurance for the orchestra.

The remaining amount of money to be paid immediately on the day of the event BEFORE our performance. All agreements are in writing via e-mail.

Looking forward to putting on a great show together!
Sizes musical instruments:
Timofeev - tuba*: weight 9 kg, dimensions 70x100x40=210 cm without a box (need a ticket in the cabin)
Or another tuba in case: 108х25х57=190, 14 kg (can be taken at oversized baggage)
Bad'ina - big drum*: weight 15 kg dimensions 82Х82Х45=209 cm, case (can be taken at oversized baggage)
Karev - accordion*: 17 kg dimensions 55х50х30=135 (ticket to the salon) or a small acc. 9kg, 35х40х30=105 (in the cabin)
Other instruments (trumpet, baritone, saxophone) is also taken only at the salon (choose loyal airline and airplane with large compartments for hand Luggage)
Kashtanov - saxophone: 60х30х20=110, 4 kg
Mamchur – baritone*: 95х45х30=170, 5 kg (need a ticket in the cabin); or tenor 76x30x25=131, 2kg
Koryapin – trumpet: 50х30х20=100, 5kg
Gibazov – tenor: 76х30х25=131, 2kg
Kasumovic - trombone 90x14x23=127, 3kg
Lipatov - snare drum* 40х40х23=103, 8,4kg
Personal things 6-10kg

* it is possible to use rented instruments. see tech-rider
Aleksandar Kashtanov
Founder, art and concert Director, Russia, Moscow
+7(903)66 22 776 (Russia)

* Phone only for the organization of concerts and cooperation.
** All negotiations are conducted in writing.
Marko Kasumovic
Tour manager, Serbia
+7(925) 553 30 17 (Russia)
+381 62 1052 890 (Serbia)
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