"Bubamara Brass Band", Russia, Serbia
Balkan Music, Bregovic, Kusturica, traditional Serbian, Romanian, Gypsy, Klezmer, Bulgarian and authors by Aleksandar Kashtanov.

Bubamara Brass Band are characteristic by charismatic, energetic and virtuosic original Performance

Country: Russia, Serbia
Sity: Moscow
Founded: 2005
Genre: #Balkan brass #World #Gypsy
Label: MARS Records, Sketis Music
Aleksandar Kashtanov
(Russia, Moscow)
founder, art Director, producer, composer, arranger, sax
Anastasia Bad'ina (Russia, Siberia)
vocal, bass drum
Artem Koryapin (Russia, Sakhalin)
trumpet, baritone-horn, voc
Roman Zharskiy
(Russia, Kaluga)
(only Russia tours)
Marko Kasumovic (Serbia)
trombone, baritone-horn, co-manager
Konstantin Mamchur
(Russia, Kursk)
Rodion Gibazov
(Russia, Kirov)
(only Russia tours)
Dmitriy Karev
(Russia, Moscow)
Andrey Timofeev
(Russia, Moscow)
tuba, helicon
Iliya Lipatov
(Russia, Moscow)
snare drum
Translated from Serbian, "bubamara" means "ladybug". The same name was called the heroine of the film Emir Kusturica "Black cat, white cat". "Bubamara" it called for little growth, and after many attempts to find her suitable in size to the spouse, she accidentally met a tall fellow, with whom he formed her happiness. Finally, it was" Bubamara " that Maestro Aleksandar Kashtanov called his band in 2005, inspired by the music of fervent peoples living on the Balkan Peninsula. Aleksandar is a big fan of Kusturica.

Many compositions in the repertoire of the band were written by Aleksandar Kashtanov. The orchestra has released six albums. In 2015, the orchestra participated in the program "Voice. Blind auditions" on TV channel One, Russia.

Geography of concerts: Russia: Moscow, Tyumen, Siberia, Sakhalin, Krasnodar region; Turkey, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Montenegro

Aleksandar Kashtanov
Founder, art and concert Director, Russia, Moscow
+7(903)_66_22_776 (Russia)

* Phone only for the organization of concerts and cooperation. All negotiations are conducted in writing.
Marko Kasumovic

+7(925) 553 30 17 (Russia)
+381 62 1052 890 (Serbia)
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